Table of times of dawn, sunrise, sunset, dusk, day length, conitnous of night per months of 2023 year

Krasnoyarsk, Krasnoyarsk area,Russia (56°0'35"N92°50'59"E)

Time zone UTC 7

















Necessary explanations
Dawn - the time, when night 's darkness falls back, the time of morning twilight .
Sunrise - moment, when upper edge of the Sun appears over the horizon.
Sunset - moment, when upper edge of the Sun dives below the horizon.
Dusk - time of end of the dusk, moment when night's darkness comes back
Day length - difference between time of sunset and time of sunrise.
Night lasting - difference between time of the end of dusk of previous day and dawn of current day.

Table of times of dawn, sunrise, sunset, dusk, day length, duration of the night in Krasnoyarsk in July, of 2023
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Calendar for three months

    This page contains the table with calculated exact times of dawn, sunrise, sunset and dusk in Krasnoyarsk .
    The sunrise is a mystical time used by many religions from ancient times. With sunrise ancient Shumer, Egiptians and Greeks makes their rituals.
    The sunset also is not only beautiful picture, which so liked by photographers. Our biological clock works according time of sunrise and sunset, duration of daylight. 
    Knowing when sunrise today, young graduates avoid the missing most romantic part of prom, photografers takes their greatest pictures, and people leading a healthy lifestyle begin their morning run.
     Exact time of dawn and dusk from table helps to the authorities turn on and off street lights in time avoiding waste the money of taxpayers.
    Information about the length of the day will help elderly people to avoid sickness during short winter days, fans of Chinese medicine to organise their day in accordance with Shichen.
    It also help Muslims to calculate the time of the most important prayers - Fajr and Maghreb.
    Visiting our site you always find the exact time of dawn, sunrise, sunset and dusk, day length and duration of the night in Krasnoyarsk and in other cities of the world. We publish information about the time of dawn,sunrise, sunset, dusk, the longitude of the day and night for whole year. Our information never disappears, visit our site daily !

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